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Worshipful Master

Bro Randall Scott

Senior Warden

Bro Klaas Soellaart

Junior Warden

Akintunde Abidemi

Under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons,Jurisdiction of Massachusetts

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Prince Hall was the founder of the oldest social organization among blacks in America. Today's Prince Hall Masonic order goes back to seed-time of the republic, while almost all blacks...

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21 May 2016

Visit of the Most Worshipful Grand Master Reuben H. Meade of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons,Jurisdiction of Massachusetts with the R. W. Timothy R Downes, Jr. Grand Warden.  

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The Prince Hall Wall of Honor

You are invited to view the Prince Hall Wall of Honor. It is located on the second floor of our Grand Lodge building. This is where the portraits of all the distinguished gentlemen who have served as Grand Master of this organization may be seen. You will recognize many of the names such as George Middleton, Lewis Hayden and John J. Smith. They are the same names that are found on the black history trail in down town Boston. They were the leaders in the community. Many were legislators, professionals, and businessmen. You will enter a hallway. The first view to attract your notice is a replica of the lodge room where Prince Hall and our ancient brethren held their meetings. It was the back room of his business, at the Sign of the Golden Fleece, in down town Boston. This is where Prince Hall conducted his business as a leather dresser and as a caterer. In the room is a painting of Prince Hall. It is our conception of him as there are no existing paintings or drawings of what he looked like. The one description of him is that he was “a tall, lean Negro of great dignity… he was thought by some to be of royal African blood.” Some of our more recent Grand Masters were Dr. William D. Washington, Dr. James R. Lesueur and Attorney John Garvey Bynoe. Our present Grand Master is the Honorable Leslie A. Lewis. The Prince Hall Masonic library is located on the same level. It contains rare reference books on religion and social issues. You will find a wealth of Black history, especially of the Boston Black community. The library is available for research by contacting the Grand Historian, Bro. Raymond T. Coleman.  Fraternity Philanthropy Philosophy Fu n Family . By Compton R Jones


On March 6, 1775, Prince Hall and 14 men of color were made masons in Lodge #441 of the Irish Registry attached to the 38th British Foot Infantry at Castle William Island in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. It marked the first time that Black men were made masons in America.

About a year later, since the conflict between England and America had commenced, the British Foot Infantry left Boston, along with its lodge, leaving Prince Hall and his associates without a lodge. Before the lodge left, Worshipful Master Batt, gave them a "permit" to meet as a lodge and bury their dead in manner and form. This permit, however, did not allow them to do any "masonic work" or to take in any new members.

Under it, African Lodge was organized on July 3, 1776, with Prince Hall as the worshipful master. It wasn't long before this lodge received an additional "permit" from Provincial Grand Master John Rowe to walk in ...........